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Translate strategic vision into effective go-to-market strategy with a Fractional CMO-Ops

In today’s complex, digital business landscape, organizations need more than marketing strategy alone to achieve results. 

While companies navigate the impacts of continued market disruption and higher expectations from their digitally-savvy customers, marketing team leaders need a skilled activation team equipped with a powerful tech stack to proactively reach customers with relevant messages and optimize performance to bring home the best results.

Fractional CMO-Ops Marketing Solutions for Evolving Teams

As the market shifts and new technology emerges, traditional marketing roles are evolving. 

The rise of the T-shaped marketer—a skilled professional with a broad scope of skill sets and a deep knowledge in one core discipline—has long since been the new normal of marketing professionals. 

T-shaped marketers are well-rounded and versatile and as a result, teams can work more efficiently with greater cohesion. This paradigm shift has reached the C-suite.

Chief marketing officers (CMO) are being called to not only create a strategic vision and represent their team within the broader organization but play an active role in tech stack performance and strategy execution.

Fractional CMO Marketing Team

That’s where Fractional CMO-Ops comes into the picture.

Fractional CMO Group Success

Fractional CMO-Ops Support Business Growth

The Fractional CMO-Ops is the lynchpin that marries strategy to execution. This strategic partner can complement the broader team with market knowledge and expertise, and put boots on the ground to achieve the marketing goals. 

Fractional CMO-Ops bring hands-on experience and working knowledge across multiple marketing disciplines, automation platforms and CRM solutions to help businesses execute their marketing strategy with ease. 

Leverage their deep working knowledge of the mar-tech ecosystem to deliver greater value to any marketing team, regardless of industry or objective.

In Partnership With Your Org,
Fractional CMO-Ops Can:

Fractional CMO Revenue

Develop an effective growth revenue strategy

Support strategy development that ladders back to core business goals to drive greater ROI.

Fractional CMO Comparison

Competitive comparison and intel

Keep a pulse on key players and emerging opportunities while the activation team keeps campaigns running.

Fractional CMO Positioning

Compelling storytelling & positioning

Support the development and evolution of the brand voice, messaging and strategic positioning across verticals.

Fractional CMO Martech Stack

Martech stack analysis and vendor selection

Apply seasoned knowledge of martech solutions to close gaps and increase value of tech partnerships

Fractional CMO Icon Transform

Digital transformation

Assist marketing teams through digitalization of manual processes to become more efficient and productive.


Fractional CMO-Ops Success Stories

“Fractional CMO-Ops are an extension of our marketing team. They're fun, they're trustworthy, they're consistent and they've got a huge amount of knowledge that they willingly share and help us to grow."

Jessie Duford
Marketing Manager, Lakeside Manufacturing

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