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Meet Your Fractional CMO-Ops

Andrea Lechner-Becker

Andrea Lechner-Becker is a flexible chameleon. Like goo, or Great Stuff, Andrea can be applied to any situation and add value. Her work in consulting exposed her to almost every industry and every problem. The hardest ones were always her favorite to solve. Andrea loves scaling through technology and excels at creating training and thought leadership to bolster emerging communities.

Her training programs mix sponsorship, mentorship, hands-on training and regimented feedback sessions with curriculum delivered across mediums.

Mike Rizzo

Mike Rizzo is a career marketing operation professional who is passionate about using a people-first approach to building scalable and efficient solutions to the challenges faced by businesses.

He is the founder of the growing community of – a place where thousands of Marketing Operations Professionals connect, collaborate and help elevate the practice of Marketing Ops. Working directly with the C-suite, Mike has provided a technical and strategic understanding of how to properly leverage a company’s tech-stack to implement impactful solutions.

Fractional CMO Raja Walia Light

Raja Walia

Raja has been a technical operations-oriented marketer before the term MOPS was even around. He’s worked at agency after agency before founding GNW Consulting, A Data-Driven Marketing Automation Agency.  He has helped translate 100 slide PowerPoints decks into executable strategy to produce tangible results for organizations.  With a technology agnostic approach, he has held certifications and worked in and out of majority of the platforms in the market.

Helping align a company’s vision at the highest level and translate it into a cohesive plan is one of the most rewarding experiences for him. From B2C, B2B, small organizations and fortune 500 companies he has experience across industries and platforms. 

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