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CMO Ops with Raja Walia

from Michael Hartmann’s Marketing Ops Cast

Raja Walia, founder of Fractional CMO Ops, was recently featured on Michael Hartmann’s Marketing Ops Cast. 

Tune in to hear:

  • What Raja means by “CMO Ops.”

  • How he differentiates these roles from “traditional” CMO roles or marketing ops roles.

  • Raja elaborates on how this could be a fractional role and talks about what he thinks the scenarios are where the “fractional” CMO role would work well vs those that would not.

CMO Ops Defined:

Operations individuals who translate vision into executable strategies from a tech stack perspective.

Raja, Michael Hartmann, and Mike Rizzo discuss the struggle between marketing strategy and execution. Often the strategists are unfamiliar with the true capabilities of available technology, or even their own tech stack, and there is a disconnect when it comes to implementing the strategy. CMO and Ops should be more integrated so business goals and objectives can easily be translated into feasible implementation.

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